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The Group Study Room in the SVA Library can be booked online, from the tablet outside the room, and in-person at the circulation/reference desk. Read below for instructions to book online.

The group study room booking is managed with Google Calendar. Everyone at SVA has access to the room's calendar with their college email address. When logged into your college Gmail account, or any other Google apps, you can access Google Calendar from the Apps menu:


To book a time slot in the group study room, you'll need to create a calendar event. Do this from the "Create" menu, OR by clicking on a time slot, and then "Edit Event:"


Then, in the event editing screen, add the room to your event. If the room is available, you will see it listed under "Rooms, etc." If the room is unavailable, or already booked, you will not be able to add the room to your event or use it during the time you have selected. Always remember to save your event.


To see when the room is booked, or to find another available time slot, you'll need to add the calendar to your account. Back on the main Google Calendar page, navigate to Other Calendars > Browse Interesting Calendars:


Click "More," and then "Resources for"


Then, click "Subscribe" next to the Group Study Room's calendar, 380-02-GSR-08-SVA-Library-Group-Study-Room:


Now, in your main Google Calendar page, you'll see this calendar under "Other Calendars," and be able to view when the room is booked:


If you're having trouble booking the room, library staff can assist. Ask at the circulation desk or reference desk, or online.

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