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Yes, the Main Library and Library West have scanners and printers. Students must login to their Papercut account to print from Library computers. Login with your credentials at any computer in the lab. When your desktop appears, you will see a small message window from Papercut, showing your account balance. You will need to add money to your account in order to print; do so by clicking Account Details. 

Print & Copy:
Black & white: 25 free prints per day, then $0.05 cents per page thereafter.
Color: No free prints. $0.15 cents per page, $0.20 double-sided.
Please note that library printers can print A4 (8.5 x 11 inch) and A3 (11 x 17 inch) sizes on standard printer paper. You cannot swap out paper for your own or specialty papers.

The Main Library Computer Lab has 3 flatbed scanners and 2 ScannX book scanners.
Library West has 1 flatbed scanner and 1 ScannX book scanner.

A tech assistant is available in the computer lab for help.

Alumni Printing

Per institutional security protocols, alumni must register ahead of your visit in order to access the SVA Library's main location at 380 2nd Avenue. Click here and visit the “SVA Library: Alumni Access Instructions” dropdown menu item for details.

To print at the SVA Library, log into a computer with your SVA MyID credentials. When your desktop appears, you will see a small message window from Papercut, showing your balance. To view your account details, add a payment card or load more money to your account, click on the link in the message window that says “Account Details.”

If you do not see a message window, begin printing your document as you would normally; Papercut will open and ask you to log in. You should enter your SVA MyID credentials that you used to log in to the computer.

You can also access Papercut by going to and signing in with your SVA credentials. On the dashboard, click the Papercut tile to open the app and be signed in automatically.

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  1. The entire college has moved to the Papercut print system, which is linked to your SVA email address. Alumni and current Continuing Ed students may still print, but must login with their SVA MyID credentials. Ask the Computer Lab Tech Assistant for help.
    by Phoebe Stein on Oct 07, 2019